Poorly maintained vehicles cause road casualties in 2021.


Poorly maintained vehicles caused more than 1,700 road casualties in 2021.

Defective and poorly maintained vehicles played a contributory factor in more than 1,700 road casualties last year, according to Approved Garages. Defective brakes were the most common defect causing 750 casualties, including 10 fatalities. Tyres came second with 491 casualties, but caused more fatalities with 12 people needlessly losing their lives. Faulty steering and suspensions complete the top three, contributing towards 255 casualties with six fatalities. These incidents could be avoided with simple home checks prior to setting off. Likewise, MOTs and servicing are more than just a health check. They can be live-saving interventions that reduce the number of road casualties across the country. The rising living costs could jeopardise the safety of grey fleet vehicles as drivers consider cutting back on maintenance if bills start to soar.

While GBV Rentals recognise the financial issues many motorists may face during such difficult times, taking a chance with tyres and general condition of a motor vehicle is simply not worth the risk when your own, and other road users’ safety is at risk.