Book a HGV/PSV Inspection

GBV Rentals fleet support service provide operators with road (HGV) and passenger transport (PSV) vehicle inspections across wide range of vehicle types. GBV Rentals operate a modern service/repair centre and DVSA approved Class VII MOT station. A team highly qualified technicians have a wealth of knowledge will ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and fit for purpose. Ensuring compliance with the latest legislative requirements and O’Licence undertakings. GBV Rentals fleet support team aim to reduce the risk of unforeseen defects, reduce down-time and provide you with cost savings.

GBV Rentals fleet inspection services include vehicle safety inspections, OCRS inspections, school transport checks, end of rental/off-hire checks, pre/post-accident inspections.

As the operator you are responsible for the vehicle’s roadworthiness. In this, GBV Rentals fleet support management will provide Information incorporating VOSA principles and encourage you to adopt a position of best practise. In doing so, they will look to exceed the absolute minimal legal requirements by providing a full maintenance and repair programme. It’s important to work together and ensure vehicles are correctly maintained services not missed and MOT checks carried out on time. Many elements of a maintenance schedule you can plan, without down-time. A maintenance plan will consist of a number of key elements which GBV Rental Fleet Management will gladly explain and help you adopt. The important point at this stage is to plan ahead. The further in advance you can book the better.

When booking an inspection GBV Rentals fleet support engineers will essentially provide you a full maintenance check, keeping an eye on the condition of the vehicle and spotting any defects before they become a more costly problem. Inspections are carried-out from a pit-lane with a rolling-road, brake testing facility, covering all aspects of the vehicle.

GBV Rentals fleet support management recognise the legal responsibility of the Driver to conduct daily walk-round checks while in use. For further details contact GBV Rentals fleet management team today.

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