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To meet increasing demand for lower carbon dioxide and reduce emissions into the atmosphere, GBV Rentals are fully focused on providing you with the latest EV and hybrid plug-in vehicles. Designed with smaller engines and on-board energy storage system, the new technology is one of the most promising ways for your business or home to comply with emissions legislation and better fuel economy. Electric cars and vans are a serious alternative to conventional fossil fuel. The latest EV vehicles have an impressive range and charging is simple. You will find the UK charging network one of the best in Europe. There are thousands of charging stations situated in most towns and other convenient locations. You can access further information by visiting: www.zapmap.co.uk.

GBV Rentals are delighted to pioneer this wave and gladly will assist you in making the decision and switch to clean/green mobility. If you would like further information contact your hire desk representative or submit enquiry today!

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