Book an MOT for your vehicle

If you have a three-year old vehicle or more then you will require an MOT every year. This is a legal requirement that include a range of safety checks to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and fit for purpose. For further details please visit, GBV Rentals operate a DVSA approved modern Class VII MOT station. Our highly trained technicians are readily equipped to carry-out your vehicle test, as well as any additional work that may be required. Taking around an hour you can wait in comfortable surroundings or leave us with your vehicle. The MOT test will assess the body shell of your vehicle, checking for any damage, sharp edges and any inappropriate repairs or modifications. The bonnet and all doors will be inspected to ensure it securely latches and in the closed position. GBV Rentals rolling road brake tester will test the braking efficiency, operation and condition of your vehicle’s brakes. In addition, the anti-locking braking system and electronic stability control will also be checked as well as other braking systems. A check will be performed for any electrical wiring issue and battery assessed to check it is secure and showing no signs of leakage. The MOT inspectors will measure your exhaust emissions, the exhaust is complete, secure, without any serious leaks and effectively silent. Fuel system similarly will be inspected for leaks and the fuel cap fastens and seals securely. The vehicle steering and suspension will be thoroughly tested to ensure operating properly and in road-worthy condition fit for purpose. The test will check vehicle’s horn, lights, tyre condition, mirrors, registration plate, log books, seating and seat-belts, wipers and washer bottle cylinder and windscreen. The test will check boot and tail-lift is secure and in correct position. Book your Loler Test. Finally, the tester will check your vehicle’s VIN is clearly displayed.

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