Book a service/repair

GBV Rentals operate a DVSA approved modern Class VII MOT station. Highly trained technicians are readily equipped to carry-out your vehicle service, as well as any additional work that may be required. Depending upon the service or repair taking around a couple hours, you're welcome to wait in comfortable surroundings or leave us with your vehicle. The team will assess general condition of your vehicle, checking for any damage, sharp edges and any inappropriate repairs or modifications. GBV Rentals have a modern fully equipped garage with rolling road brake tester, Loler testing facility, pit and hydraulic lift lanes. GBV Rentals recommend you should service your vehicle at least once a year or recommended manufacturing guidelines. By doing so you can prevent plenty annoying and expensive vehicle maintenance problems. Your vehicle may also stop working due to maintenance issues, which can be a much more disruptive and annoying situation to deal with than the minor inconvenience getting a car service booked. GBV Rentals pride itself in maintaining your vehicle so it is without doubt fit for purpose road-worthy. There’s the safety dimension to consider: do you really want to drive a banged-up car with components which might suddenly snap while you’re behind the wheel? In a service, if your MOT certificate is valid and your technician finds an issue which would result in an MOT failure, you can still drive home – though it can make much more sense to get the issue fixed there and then.

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