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We aim to provide you with the best customer service and corporate rate to suit your budget. Whether you are a regular hirer or perhaps twelve occasions a year need to hire a vehicle, then please apply for a credit facility. All information is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and will remain strictly confidential.

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We have a wide selection of the latest models of cars vans buses and trucks. Accompanied by other versatile vehicles to hire. Our sales team can help with any appropriate rental question and offer expert advice.

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In consideration of being granted an account facility I/we agree to make settlement of accounts in accordance with the terms and conditions of Green-Line Contracts Limited t/a GBV Rentals. I/we give permission to make enquiries to credit reference agencies who may retain a record. 

I/we agree to arranging comprehensive insurance cover for all hired vehicles and will provide proof and submit a copy of my/our motor insurance certificate and complete/sign the BVRLA Indemnity form (if not appropriate delete) Or

I/we agree to the self-drive insurance terms, conditions, exceptions and limitations set-out in the proposal and will submit following completed/signed form.  

Self-drive proposal and Terms Conditions Exceptions and Limitations

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