Book a tyre check/replacement

GBV Rentals fleet support team will provide customers with wide range of tyre sizes from number of popular brands. Competitive pricing, no hidden extras! You can wait, unless advised otherwise. GBV Rentals have fantastic supply to call upon. Trained experts will conduct free tyre and brake checks aided by latest equipment and answer any questions you may have. You can call upon any one of GBV Rentals branches to arrange tyre assistance.

GBV Rentals have the facility to ensure your wheels are properly aligned ensuring evenly wear and last longer. If your wheels are incorrectly balanced, your steering will vibrate when driving. Fitting new tyres GBV Rentals experts will check your wheel balancing and make any corrections. If your concerned about the performance of your vehicle’s brakes, GBV Rentals technicians can perform a free brake test and discuss whether brake pads need replacing. If your brakes aren’t responding properly, out team will perform a safety check and determine if the vehicle’s brake disc need replacing.

Call GBV Rentals for free vehicle care advice, don’t leave it too late!

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