New electric trucks to run cheaper than diesel


New electric trucks cheaper to run than diesel

By 2035, industrial commentators report virtually all new electric freight trucks – including long-haul – will be cheaper to run than diesel trucks. The European Commission will make a proposal to tighten climate targets for heavy-duty vehicles in the coming months. Furthermore, an increased EU CO2 target for truck manufacturers to -65% by 2030 is needed if zero emissions freight trucks are to reach almost 100% of sales five years later. EU climate targets for truck makers would result in 1.3 million fewer zero-emission trucks on the road in 2035. A new study shows that electric freight trucks will match their diesel equivalents on distance travelled. It found that almost all freight trucks in Europe travel less than 800km (500 miles) a day – which is within the range of the newest battery electric trucks when charged during the legally required driver breaks. Even the biggest electric long-haul trucks will be able to carry the same weight of goods as diesel by 2030.