More than half of workplaces ‘yet to offer’ EV charging


GBV Rentals recognise the importance and savings electric mobility can provide the workplace. However, charging for electric vehicles (EVs) is not available to more than half of drivers, according to recent survey. Also revealed that 82% of these drivers expressed a desire to charge their EV at their place of work. GBV Rentals agree that the workplace charging is crucial to building the UK’s EV charging infrastructure. There are huge benefits for employers who install a charge point, raising revenue from a charge point in a work environment. Business can share charge points with the public during weekends or outside work hours, earning a small profit on per charge while contributing to the continued electrification of the UK’s infrastructure.

GBV Rentals believe customers are showing a huge appetite for workplace chargers. The place of work needs to be seen as an extension of the home office where amenities are provided to make commutes more attractive. For further details please contact your nearest GBV Rentals office!