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News Item

New Ultra Low Emissions Zone Standards

February 27, 2020


Effective from 8 April 2019, the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone will be operating 24 hour a day, seven days a week, all year round to help clean up London's toxic air. The toxic air contributes to thousands of early deaths each year and is putting the health of children at risk. To find out more visit If you wish to use your vehicle in central London from 8 April 2019 and it does not comply to the ULEZ standards there will be a daily charge of:-

  • £12.50 per day for cars, motorcycles and van (up to and including 3.5 tonnes)
  • £100 per day for heavier vehicles, including lorries (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (over five tonnes)

This is in addition to the central London Congestion Charge, if that normally applies to your vehicle.For further information on the ULEZ, a map of where it operates, to see your options or to see if you're entitled to a discount or exemption, please visit 

Effective from 26th October 2020, the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards are changing. This will affect vehicles over 3.5 tonnes as well as minibuses over 5 tonnes GVW. The changes to emission standard will effect Euro V and Euro VI specifications. If the vehicle does not meet the new standard they will be subject to a daily charge. This is the same standard that is already in place in the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).  Vehicles can be checked by visiting

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